The 4 Models of Blended Learning

There are 4 main models of Blended Learning, according to the Clayton Christensen Institute. You’ll notice that these models are considered “blended” because the instruction is a mix of online and the physical school building. You can read more about each model by clicking the image below.  I have only used the Station Rotation Model in my elementary classroom so this blog will focus more on that model and its implementation. There are lots of videos online to show different examples of how each model is used and I would love to hear from teachers who have tried the other models. Please comment below if you would like to do a guest post about your experience!

What is blended learning? (And what it is not)

So you’ve started putting your students on the computers more this year. You might even have a few new iPads floating around. This is a great start. Frankly, I do not think schools use enough technology for instruction. However, your increased use of devices does not mean your students are experiencing blended learning — yet.

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