Student “arcade” showcases video game designs and critical thinking

One day at recess, I watched two of my third-grade girls playing a video game called Animal Jam on a tiny cell phone screen. They worked together to make all kinds of decisions. Should we adopt this animal? How should we decorate our den? What are we supposed to do on this part? Their conversation blew me away and I thought, how can I get students to talk to each other like that in the classroom?

The answer was right in their hands: video games.

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Why a teacher will always be necessary, even in blended learning

I recently began pulling students during intervention time who were struggling on the Lexia adaptive reading computer program. Lexia provides teachers with ready-made lessons to target the skills students can’t seem to master. So, I pulled one girl over and began working on sequencing events, the area in which she needed the most help, according to Lexia.

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The best, free adaptive math program: Front Row

It’s pretty obvious when using Front Row Ed that there is a strong teacher on the development team. The questions are aligned to the SBAC assessment in content and appearance, and the reports and data really help teachers differentiate their instruction, especially in a blended learning environment. The program even has individualized printable practice sheets that can be sent home as homework so students spend time filling the gaps at home rather than being frustrated with content they learned that day. More importantly, it was built from the ground up to match the Common Core standards.

Take a look at this video that explains the teacher dashboard in more detail.